Carol Clarkson Pottery -


Carol Clarkson 
Clay Artist
PO BOX 154
McAllister, Montana 59740
Clay is my passion. The feel of moist clay and the challenges of glazing and firing inspire me to create one-of-a-kind pieces.  I am a functional and sculptural clay artist living in rural McAllister, Montana.  Using terra cotta and stoneware clays, I create willow vases, plates, trays and sculptures influenced by the wildlife and wild flowers surrounding my cabin studio.
Occasionally, I see the elusive moose while living and working in the valley between the Madison and Tobacco Root ranges. Carvings and stampings on my pottery are influenced by the babbling snowmelt, vibrant flowers, round bales of hay and jackleg fences. My signature horses are caricatures of the antics performed by my small herd. The long legged elk or regal moose are a tribute to the elegance seen in these magnificent animals.  Each piece is manipulated, stained, spray glazed and single fired in an electric kiln. The solitude and joy of my studio setting allows for the creation of my Montana visions.