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In 2017, I got together with several artists to form an art gallery in downtown Ennis, Montana. Within several months, we outgrew our space and our current prime location became available. There are now three business partners; Carol Clarkson, Helen Harris, and Sheri Jarvis. We are all artists and represent an eclectic group of over 50 western artists.

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Buying Clay Online

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I recently started buying my clay online. sells Amaco clay in 50 pound boxes. The Amaco 480 fires to cone 5-6, and is a buff color with speckles. This saves the 3 hour round trip to my clay supplier plus gas and time. Many times Overstock offers a 12% discount coupon and free shipping.

Using Rice Paper Decals

I have been experimenting with underglaze decals. The best I have found are from Sanbao ( ). You can get a 6x8 sheet for $2.25. Application is simple since you do not have to put additional underglaze on the sheet. Simply place the piece on either leather hard or bisque ware, use a paintbrush or sponge to apply water, and pull the paper off.

I am firing to cone 6 with a Chun Celedon glaze on top. The “dots” are hand applied with designer liner.

underglaze decal.jpg

Red/Orange Glaze Recipe By Steven Hill

The interior of these bowls has Steven Hill’s cone 6 red/orange glaze. I also use Amaco’s Ancient Jasper along the interior rim….it “drips” and causes unique coloration. This glaze is smooth, glossy, and very consistent.

Here is Steven’s Recipe:

Minspar 36.7

Talc 13.8

Bone Ash 12.1

Flint 12.8

EPK 12.9

Lithium Carb 4.2

Frit 3124 7.5

Add: Crocus Martis 11.5

Bentonite 2.0


Refiring Pottery

Sometimes a piece comes from the kiln and you feel you can make it better with more glaze and another firing. It is also a great time to experiment.

This bowl had pinholes and several craters. I sanded the rough edges with fine grit sandpaper. Then, I heated the bowl in my kiln ( glaze will stick to a warm surface). I poured Steven Hill Water Color Green into the bottom of the bowl, made marks with Amaco Saturation Metallic ( many dark “dots”) and reapplied Spectrum Cactus Ash glaze on the rim. I have found that commercial glazes are great for repairing flaws….they are stable and fire true to the cone intended.

I refined this bowl in my next cone 6 electric firing.

WILDACRES Residency Program

The application process for Wildacres Residency program in Little Switzerland, NC will begin on June 1st. One and two week residencies provide the opportunity to explore new projects.( 70 residencies will be granted at no cost to the artist....all you have to do is get there and bring your materials)

Stay in one of three beautiful cabins and enjoy fully equipped studios.