Making Abstract Clay Angels

THESE angels were made with low fire terra cotta clay.

* take a slab of clay and wrap around a styrofoam cone that is covered in newspaper

*attach ball to top for head, make a ring of clay like a necklace to further attach

*make wings from slab and drape over a rolling pin sitting on top of a bucket....allow to firm up and then attach to the angel

*impress clay with designs.... remove angel from cone ( it will crack if left too long)

*once leather hard, apply white terra  sigilatta ( you can purchase from )

*buff with a plastic bag

*allow to dry completely and slow fire to cone 04 ( this is a single fire)

* rub clay head with gold Amaco Run N Buff ( you can purchase from ................... this is a cold finish and dries hard .....will not chip or peel

Have fun!