The Artist’s Way

We have experienced a very long winter here in Montana. I revisited “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron. This book will change the way you view yourself as an artist and increase your confidence , creativity and talent.

One of the exercises in the book is to write “morning pages” each day when you awaken. These pages are not to be shared with anyone. You simply write freehand, 3 pages of anything that pops into your mind. The amazing thing is to see all the worries, drama, and hindrances to your creativity fade away. I personally burn the pages after writing them.

i have found that the demands of family and friends ( not to mention horses and dogs), often deter me from getting into my studio and fully immersing myself into the creative flow. I now make it my practice to at least enter the studio every day.

When I go to the studio, I sit and read something…whether a devotion, new glaze book, Ceramics Monthly…anything to draw me into the creative world. I may not have time to stay that day, but I may jot down an idea or sketch my next project. As it turns out, this practice allows me to start or complete projects in a shorter time frame. I may only wax the bottom of pots, or move plastic on a drying plate. Doing “something”, “anything” makes me feel less frustrated about time management.

So, read this book and get going!!