Pottery Display

Each year, I try to come up with new and different displays for the showcase and  sale of my pottery.

By far, I prefer the cubbies that Pottery Barn sells for $166. I use this cubby in our gallery, Artists On Main in Ennis , Montana, and in my pro panel booth at shows. It is not too heavy to hang and each cubby is 5”x5”.  At shows, buyers will say, “I’ll have a number 4”.

With the start of a new year, it’s good to change up our act and find new and interesting ways to display.

Residency at Wild Acres Retreat, Little Switzerland, NC

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend one or two weeks totally immersed in your art form. Applicants that are accepted, receive free food and lodging ( a private cabin), and a private studio in which to work. Your only expense is getting there and bringing your art supplles.

I completed a residency in 2014 and it greatly impacted my work. Suggestions for your “project”would be an area of exploration you would not normally have time to do with the demands of family, gallery representation, shows, etc. 

Check out the application...a one page, on line application. Due January 15th....


Using Pencil Grips on Carving Tools

I frequently carve on my pottery pieces. The carving tools can create finger fatigue. Here’s a useful tip. Purchase pencil grips and slide onto the tool....if the fit is loose...slide a piece of straw onto the tool and then add the grip.

You can purchase gel grips from Amazon....