Spraying and Layering Glazes With Lauren Smith

The Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana is offering a 15% discount on my workshop with coupon code SMITH (not case sensitive) between now and Thursday , May 30th 11:59 pm MT. Register here  

If you know of anyone interested, please feel free to forward this email. I appreciate your help in filling this workshop. It will be so much fun and you won't want to miss it. I will tell you all my secrets in achieving the surfaces on my work! Description below. 

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Lauren Smith ( sprayed glazes)

Lauren Smith ( sprayed glazes)

Lauren Smith

Spraying and Layering Glazes with Lauren Smith
July 17-20, 2019
Tuition $395 (-15% = $335.75)
Maximum enrollment: 16
Open to intermediate and advanced artists

During this four-day hands-on workshop, Lauren Smith will demonstrate her unique process of spraying and layering multiple glazes then cooling the kiln slowly to create dynamic, atmospheric-like surfaces. Students will have an opportunity to experience Smith’s exact method including using her glazes, employing her glazing process and firing work in a cone 10 oxidized gas kiln. Since cone 6 electric kilns are common in home and community studios, Smith will also fire a cone 6 oxidized electric kiln. While the kilns are firing, Smith will demonstrate her making process and discuss the intention behind her design choices to encourage desired glaze surfaces. Fired results will be examined and recommended changes will be discussed.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of the glazing process, techniques for taking control over the glazed ceramic surface and tricks for firing in electric kilns. This workshop is also recommended for artists transitioning from firing in gas kilns to electric kilns. Students are encouraged to take notes, bring questions and set goals for finished glazes. Students will also get a copy of Smith’s cone 10 and cone 6 glaze recipes and Bray cone 6 studio recipes. Participants should bring high-fire cone 10 Grolleg porcelain bisqueware—note that Smith’s glazes will blister on anything but a Grolleg porcelain. For the cone 6 firing, Bray cone 6 studio glazes will be available and can be used on any cone 10 or 6 clay body. A respirator is recommended.